I remember the first song I ever wrote... “Circus Town”... 6th grade.  
The experience made my heart.... well, SING!  
I felt purpose!
I felt passion!
It was fun!

I also remember my first recording experience (and most that followed)... 
the engineer looked at this watch every 15 minutes... 
as if to say, “there’s another few bucks in my pocket!”  

Where’s the passion?  
What’s the purpose?
Where’s the fun?  
And... where is MY music? I thought.

The birth of Studio-234!

A place where MY music could be recorded, edited and mixed... 
where it’s heart (beat) could not only be captured, but heard!

Why tell you this?

My guess is... you want the same thing for YOUR music!
A studio that has the mics, tools and technology...
but ALWAYS puts the music first!

Welcome to Studio-234.com!

Kerry Patrick Clark